Sandwoodway Cottage at Blairmore

Is owned by 
The Sandwoodway Cottage Blairmore Trust

On 24th March 2024, the last private owner of Sandwoodway Cottage (formerly Croft 180), Alan George Flowers transferred his ownership to the above Trust. His wife, born as Ellen Mary Beckett Watt was christened in the parlour room here, and often stayed on holiday in this cottage in the small upstairs room which has now been converted into two modern en-suite bathrooms.

The trust has been created to ensure that the cottage will be retained as a heritage property only by family members of the first crofter to live here.

This house was built in around 1886. It was extensively renovated in 2010/11 by Alan and Ellen, downstairs intended to reflect the style of the cottage in the 1950's, although the exposed fireplace in the dining room was replaced by a fuel burning stove in the 1920's.